16 May 2019

The Green Process Award 2019


At Pharmaceutical Works Polpharma SA, we confer the Green Process Award every year.

The Green Process Award

Polpharma’s “Green Process Award” has come to existence in order to award and appreciate all employees within Polpharma Group organization who help achieving significant improvements in eco-efficiency of manufacturing processes, products and services. Thanks to such practices Polpharma realize expectations of Environmental Sustainability Policy and can achieve competitive advantage.

The concept of the program is to encourage Polpharma employees to search for finding and applying innovations in order to incorporate the principles of Polpharma Green Process Program into R&D and manufacturing areas.


Every year our the greates initiatives are rewarded ! The winners not only receive a grant but also have the right to plant their own tree on company premises.

In 2019, we received 12 applications with different initiatives. We would like to share with you the ideas that had the greatest impact on our API US FDA-approved manufacturing site in Starogard Gdanski, Poland.

- An innovative approach to streamlining the process of obtaining better quality of API molecule. It had a direct impact not only on the efficiency of the process itself but also on reduced consumption of organic solvents in production cycle.

- The development and implementation of a new technology for one of our API  production. We’ve noted a significant improvement in process efficiency, reduced media consumption and the regeneration and reuse of organic solvents.

- The implementation of advanced methods of regulation of refrigeration equipment and installations in the Solid Forms Production facility, which resulted in a significant reduction of electricity consumption and an improvement in the energy efficiency ratio of a cooling installation by approx. 60%.


The above product is presented solely for informational purposes and does not constitute an offer in any sense. Products under patent (SPC) protection in Poland and/or other countries are not offered until expiration of the corresponding IP right.


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