As a customer-centric organisation, we are driven by value creation to help your business grow.

Polpharma B2B Unit is world-class provider of high-quality products and services with customized support as well as its international sales team. Possessing strong R&D centers we are able to provide our Partners with tailor-made solutions addressing all of their business needs.

Our offers

We offer API supplies and custom-made synthesis from the European US FDA‑approved site, FDF licensing-out and supply, also based on the vertically integrated APIs. This in turn constitutes to our Clients a guarantee of effective Supply Chain Management and IP competitiveness.
Polpharma B2B is providing Contract Manufacturing services from top-class facilities located in the center of Europe, giving access to a variety of technologies supported by a skilled Project Management team.
In the B2B environment we use our skills to build a vision and bring the best solutions to our partners. We are guided by ethical values and standards of conduct to continuously improve our organization, respond to key medical challenges, and provide space for the advancement of knowledge.

Polpharma B2B offers full support from process optimization, analytical method development & validation, to process scale-up dedicated to pilot plant as well as fully commercial, multiple tons synthesis.

Our experience and expertise is crucial for better understanding of your needs in a strictly regulated pharma environment.

That is why the quality of our products and the safety of patients are our main priorities:
We minimize our impact on the environment by eliminating harmful substances from manufacturing, using pollution control devices, and increasing recycling and waste recovery.
We invest in innovative technologies which enhance production efficiency, the comfort of medication delivery and safety of our processes for humans and the environment.
Microscope icon All drugs and substances are manufactured in accordance with the highest standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).
Order icon We care for quality at each stage of the product development, production, storage, distribution and sale.
Science icon We work with science centres to improve our products and technologies.