Polpharma is a modern international pharmaceutical company that started its activity in the domestic Polish market.

We are the largest Polish manufacturer of pharmaceuticals and a leader of the Polish pharmaceutical market. We actively operate in the markets of Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia. For over 80 years, we have been trusted by patients, healthcare professionals and business partners alike.

In Polpharma Group and associated company we employ more than 7,500 people in Poland and on international markets. We have 7 manufacturing plants in Poland, Russia and Kazakhstan, and 5 Research and Development centres. Polpharma Group’s portfolio includes about 700 products, and another 250 are being developed.

7 500
people worldwide
manufacturing sites in Poland, Russia and Kazakhstan, as well as 5 Research & Development centers
products and 250 being under development

We manufacture a wide range of prescription drugs and pharmaceuticals for in-patient care. We have a leading share in the key therapeutic areas in Poland. We specialize in pharmaceutical preparations used in cardiology, gastroenterology and neurology.


Core products and services

  • Prescription drugs
  • Cosmetics
  • Medical Services
  • Dietary foods for special medical purposes
  • OTC drugs
  • Pharmaceutical substances
  • Dietary supplements

Our B2B offer includes:

Manufacturing and supply of APIs for pharmaceutical companies worldwide

Contract development and manufacturing services of APIs

Licensing-out of Polpharma Group products

Contract manufacturing of FDFs

We provide drugs of the highest quality and reliable medical knowledge. We are one of the most innovative companies in Poland according to the ranking prepared by the Institute of Economic Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN). We contribute to scientific development and health education and promotion

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

For over 80 years, Polpharma has successfully balanced the need to achieve its economic targets with the obligation to serve the society and care for the environment.

In 2014, we put our efforts in this field into a formal framework and created the Polpharma Group Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy, which was developed in close collaboration with our key stakeholders.

The Strategy outlines our CSR priorities and the commitments with respect to these priorities. This has allowed us to better respond to the needs of those around us, while developing our business based on a system of values.

The pillars of the Group’s corporate social responsibility are:

  • Patient,
  • Community service, ethical business conduct,
  • Innovation and the advancement of knowledge.

We ensure pharmaceutical security in Poland

As the largest drug manufacturer in Poland, we play a key role in ensuring the security of drug supplies to the public. This means that we make sure that patients have uninterrupted access to all the products they need from the key treatment groups.

We are the only company in Poland to manufacture both pharmaceutical substances necessary to make medicinal products, as well as finished dosage forms on a large scale. Most of our profit goes into the development of new products, modern dosage forms and socially relevant innovations.